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E-Mail DIY – How to Unsubscribe from E-Mailing Lists!

It actually took me years to realize that it’s very easy to stop those annoying e-mails you get from online companies. (including this one hahaha)

Here’s how to unsubscribe from e-mailing lists:

Go to the bottom of the e-mail and click on “unsubscribe” button.

Usually, there’s an “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of every e-mail that you have somehow “subscribed” to either by signing up or buying a service/product online.

Most of the time, pressing the “unsubscribe” button will work better than ma

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How To Hack Myspace

Hack myspace

Hack Myspace, you know you want to, you little social media devil. What would Tom think of you, if he saw you doing this? This video shows you how to hack someone’s Myspace account. To do this, login to a Myspace account and add some code to the profile.

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How To Gain Access To Blocked Websites

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Myspace Hack – How to re-design your Myspace with DIVs

Blurg. MySpace is one of the ugliest social sites out there. But you can make it pretty with some simple coding. This video has some great tips on how to make a clean slate out of you MySpace page.

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SiteHoppin’ tranforms itself into a powerful free advertising platform for bloggers and site owners!

Yey, remember we were working on our new site, SiteHoppin.com?

Well, now there’s more reasons to use it.

On top of finding new interesting sites, you can get FREE traffic by earning Beer Credits.

Basically, everytime you hop or rate a site on SiteHoppin’, you will be able to earn Beer Credits, which you can later down the road, use for getting traffic (or hops) to your site.

We hope this makes the site takes off

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iPhone Parody Video – Funny ePhone

Here’s a video I found on myspace that’s funny.

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Aptera Electric Car


Check out this cool lookin’ Aptera Electric Car. They even got bunch of videos on their myspace page.

Looks like a big bug…haha…

Pre-order yours, it looks like this one’s gonna be a lucky one.

But only if you want to become known as the town eccentric. Clocking up a smug environmentalist’s dream 230mpg and maxing out at 55mph, the hybrid electro/diesel freakshow is available

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MySpace Account with Over 100,000 Friends Sells for $2,125

Check out this myspace account that sold for 2Gs. Yes, you can make money on myspace but don’t sell your friends!

I started this account 4 years ago when MySpace first started. I have used it as my personal account but I am now in need of a little extra cash and my friends suggested that I sell my account so I thought I’d give it a shot. Why should I buy this Account? If you are into

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Zedomax Weekend Thoughts – Spam email

Are you and tired of spammers? As I get about 500 to 700 spams a day, I tried to fight back by sending back a reply email w/ link to zedomax.com… well i don’t know if this will work but…

Today the cool guy told me about how it is completely legal to spam as long as you have a legal identity as a corporation.

He was telling me that even Microsoft was using spam companies to spam their stuff…

Well if we could spam our blog…that would

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