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Best Air Mouse Review!

I’ve seen more needs for an air mouse these days, especially if you like to hook up your computer to your HDTV in your bedroom and surf the web from your bed.

For exactly that purpose of lazying computing, you will want to consider getting an air mouse, which will work great on any surface or air.

Here’s a couple air mice on the market that might be worth getting:

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DIY WoW Treadmill Hack!

DIY WoW Treadmill Hack!


Check out these guys (Yes, the pink and green hair are wigs) who made a WoW (World of Warcraft) Treadmill.

I remember when WoW first came out, it was cool but took way long to play so I gave up early on it.  Well, honestly, I rather hit golf balls than play video games.

(But yes, get me started and I will probably wind up on the top of gamers list and also have to go to Gamerholics Anonymous)

“We bough

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