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Music-Syncing iLit Diamond LED Speaker System!


Wow, here’s a really cool LED speaker system that syncs to your favorite music with it’s diamond shaped LED lights.  (It’s currently sold out but wait a little and they should be in stock again.)

Now, if you want to build one yourself, refer to my music-syncing light orb DIY for a start.

iLit stereo speakers put on a mesmerizi

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iPod Pillow!

Check out iPod pillows for Macoholics.

Our iPod pillow has real working buttons. Press POWER to turn on the radio, press SCAN to change the radio station, press RADIO/MP3 to change between the radio or portable music source plugged into the jack cord, and press RESET to restore the factory settings. The volume can be adjusted by pressing the red up and down triangles on either side of VOLUME. Shaped like an iPod, this soft pillow has a shiny blue screen and grey click wheel and the back is silver. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included). Our unique iPod

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