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Nature Hack – How to Make “Mushroom” Shelves!

Here’s a great way to to make “natural” mushroom shelves by curing real mushrooms you find on side of trees.  Are you kidding me? This is awesome!

I advise against washing the mushrooms; they aren’t really very dirty, and the added water will hamper your drying and curing efforts.

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You can Now Buy Extra Lives with 1-Up Mushrooms!

If you are a hardcore Mario Brothers fan, you might be interested to learn that ThinkGeek is selling the very 1-Up mushrooms so you stay alive in the case of death.  (Now, that’s a joke, please don’t go out there and kill yourself plz!)

The instructions are pretty simple. All you do is add potting soil to the green sewer-pipe-shaped flower pot, and push the spores deep into it. Soak the soil with water using the dropper, add a squirt of the food solution, and then it’s off to a dark location for a few wee

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Time Lapse Video of Mushrooms and other Fungi!


Here’s a really cool time lapse video of mushrooms and other fungi.  The mushroom uprising are very interesting indeed.

I wish I could just sit by one and see it live but then I don’t think sitting down for hours is a good idea for having fun.

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