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DIY – How to Make a 56 inch Multitouch Television!



Wow wee, this is an awesome DIY 56 inch multi-touch television!

I have built a nice multitouch display during my spare time as a hobby. In this article, I will share plans and explain how to construct a 56 inch multitouch screen that looks like a TV. It’s totaly homemade, it’s not made from an old tv but you could do so. This article is for peo

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DIY – How to Make a Cheap Multitouch Pad!

Here’s a cool howto on making your own multi-touch pad!  This DIY should get you jump started on your next cool multi-touch project or at least you can just enjoy the video like me…

Don’t have a Multitouch Table yet? Have one, but need something smaller for testing? Building a small portable multitouch pad will allow you to test software and experiment on a smaller scale while building your full table or when away from your multitouch screen. Have fun and make a MTmini! This uses Fr

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