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ZeroTouch Multi-Touch, an Invisible Multi-Touch Interface!

Here’s an interesting multi-touch idea that might be very useful and implemented across all multi-touch devices in the near future.  The ZeroTouch as its name says, uses “zero” physical touch to the screen and can implement the same multi-touch gestures as on a regular multi-touch screens “invisibly”.

The frame is lined with 256 IR sensors, which are connected to a computer. When ZeroTouch is mounted over a traditional computer screen it turns the display into a multitouch surface. In a demonstration at CHI, Moeller played a computer game using

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LG Optimus 2X Does 10 Multi-Touch Point Tracking!

Well, it’s been couple days since I’ve picked up an LG Optimus 2X while I was visiting South Korea last week. So far, the Optimus 2X blows any other Android smartphone I’ve tried so far.

While using the Optimus 2X for a couple days, I realized the Optimus 2X had a better, more accurate multi-touch keyboard than any other smartphone I’ve tried so far.


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TouchRevolution Tru Touch (Multi-touch) Monitor Review!

TouchRevolution’s Tru-Touch multi-touch/touchscreen monitors are one of the best I’ve seen in my life.  These are basically standalone multi-touch monitors you can use along with your existing Windows/Linux computer (or laptop).

In comparison to HP’s touchscreen all-in-one desktops I tried at BestBuy, these Tru Touch monitors are “truly” multi-touch, al

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Nexus One Gets Updated with Multi-Touch!

Here’s some good news for Nexus One users, Google has officially updated its latest Android 2.1 update with full multi-touch support! Hurray! Apparently, my Nexus One still isn’t updating but Google says the update should be rolling out to everyone by end of the week.

That means we no longer need to

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Nexus One Hack – How to Enable Multi-Touch on your Nexus One!

Nexus One launched in the U.S. supposedly doesn’t come with multi-touch simply because Apple would “sue” Google if it did. But it’s okay, I believe it was Google’s mastermind plan to let hackers hack the Android OS 2.1 to add multi-touch support, here it is! (I will have an updated video of this working too btw.)

Only 7 lines of code!

Who wants multitouch for their N1 browser?

I just whipped this up, this will be in my upcoming ROM.

WARNING: You may lose y

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Droid Hack – How to Add Multi-Touch to Your Droid!

I guess the European Motorola Droid has multi-touch features while the U.S. version don’t, here’s how you can hack the Droid to enable multi-touch on your U.S. version too.

Of course, you might risk bricking your Droid completely useless (although I find that hard to believe if it’s Android-based) so follow directions *carefully*!

For those of you late-adapters, you might want to wait as Droid probably will support multi-touch soon through software updates.

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Touchscreen table experiment


 Check out this cool touchscreen table experiment you can do in about 4 hours.

This is an experiment based on “frustrated total internal reflection” aka FTIR.

This is a very basic demo and we did it just to see how it work and it took us just 4 days!

The most difficult part is seting-up the hardware, in the following list you can see what we used…


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