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DIY – How to Make Anything Plastic With Plasti Dip Synthetic Rubber Coating!

This Plastidip might not be so environmentally friendly (I think), but it’s a great rubber coating for any of your DIY projects that might require more stability and clean look.  You can see an example over here of plastified origami.

Plasti Dip sounds like a great way to “mold” any objects you might want to incorporate with your future DIY projects.

Multi-purpose air dry, synthetic rubber coating that c

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Cheap Wireless Printers Review!

Okay, today we will review some of the cheapest wireless printers you can buy.  Since we most people have Wi-Fi these days, I don’t see why not you should go with a wired printer when most wireless printers are under $150.

Anyways, without delay, I will be featuring some of the cheap, (or low-cost) wireless printers you can buy. (online of course, it’s cheaper than retail)

First up is a Brother MFC-490CW, it features W

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Multi-Purpose Desk for Macs

Here’s a new, multi-purpose desk for you Mac freaks, enjoy.  It’s simple and stylish, while giving you the option of aluminum, which feels good on your hands during work.

The Novanta workstation is heavenly for those Mac lovers who don’t wish to shift their loyalty from their old Mac machine. The desk that aims at enhancing task performance is a rigid MDF and aluminum structure allowing users to keep their collection of MacBooks and iPods together at one desk.

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Motorized Spray Bottle – Let’s get Lazier!

Aren’t you tired of pumpin’ that spray bottle?  Well, now there’s a motorized pump solution just like there are motorized breast pumps.

This 48oz multi-purpose motorized sprayer makes all these tasks a breeze.  Featuring a patented dual-reciprocating pump, this sprayer works double time, (on both up and down strokes) delivering product right where you want it.

A one-touch trigger stops the constant finger pull repetition helping relieve and eliminate hand & wrist fatigue.  Easy to use, easy to operate, no more pumpi

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