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Tractor DIY – How to Get Tractor out of Mud!

For those of you wondering how to get a tractor out of mud, I guess you can hook up a small log to one of the tractor’s wheels to get it out.  Pretty simple idea, well executed.

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Dirt-Powered Alarm Clock!

We did see the dirt-powered soil lamp earlier, here’s another dirt-powered device, it’s an alarm clock that can be powered via dirt and you can even grow some nice fairway grass in it.

This the called the timeless garden and it runs mud or rather the chemical reaction between the mud and the metal casing inside the clock, how good is that it just doesn’t get any better than that for alarm clocks anyway. The actual body is made from two recycled plastic bottles.

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Dirt-Powered Soil Lamp!

We’ve seen a slew of solar-powered lamps in the last couple years but this is the very first time “dirt”, (yes, the stuff that’s on your ground) has been used to power a lamp.  We wonder how long this will go, specifically when it will be available to the consumers.

The soil lamp uses the chemical reaction between copper, zinc, and slightly moistened mud to create enough electrical current to power an LED lamp. More cells can be used to create

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Hovpod Hovercraft!


Now, we haven’t covered many hovercrafts for awhile but here’s another hovercraft called Hovpod that can go on practically any surface including water, snow, sand, and more. (Update: Ooops, we did cover it before here.)

Hov Pod hovercraft are very easy and fun to dr

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