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DIY MP3 HACK – How to make your own MP3 Player!



(Above: Funny MP3 players made with the Motz)

Check out this Motz Music Box which is a very small MP3 Player you can embed in anything pretty much. Too bad it only has 256MB of memory and no LCD display.

Check out

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DIY HACK – How to make a USB Charging Flashlight

Here’s how to make a USB charging flashlight. But you can probably make this work for many other devices that run 5V including MP3 players, cellphones, whatever it is. Just don’t complain if you try to power something less than 5V and blow it up… 🙂

After reviewing the Forever Flashlight for The Gadget Panel I couldn’t help but take it

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Platinum-coated virus to be used for speedy memory


Wow, memory made from virus living in cigarettes?

All the hip-cool scientists these days are enslaving living organisms to do their bidding. Luckily, they’re sticking with the micro end of the size spectrum, or “nano” end in this case. Apparently they’ve managed to create some supa’ fast memory chips by coating 30-nanometer-long bits of tobacco mosaic virus (pictured above in its natural habitat) with itsy-bitsy platinum nanoparti

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