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HACK – Nintendo DS Ipod MOD


Check out Nintendo DS Ipod mod. Video after the jump.

[gv data=”MUpAlKknlEQ”][/gv]

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IPOD Vending machine, buy IPOD Nano or IPOD video



I was at the Serramonte mall near Daly City, CA yesterday and ran into this next to Starbucks. It’s really cool, all you need is a credit card and you can buy one of these IPOD nano or IPOD Video. Well, ipods are getting very popular…

Sorry for the crappy resolution, I took it with my phone… 🙂

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HACK – Download free mp3 music using GOogle!

Tight little hack that I never knew existed!

Free mp3 Downloads from Google. With this simple trick, you can get tons of mp3 download links using just Google

All you have to do is search for this.. "Band or Artist name here" last modified mp3 "index of" -html -htm -php -asp For example i want to get some Red Hot Chili Peppers’ song… "Red hot chili peppers" last modified mp3 "index of" -html -htm -php -asp

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DIY HACK – HOWTO make a open-source MP3 Player!


The guys Will at posted his howto on .  He shows us how to solder and assemble the Make Daisy MP3 Player from scratch! Well, this MP3 Player has always been on our priority list for hacking and modding so check it out and make one for yourself! We plan to hack it with some LCDs and more…


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DIY HACK – Kits and Casemods: Laser tag MP3 player, Dinosaur USB charger!


[gv data=”PZjMX3zBxBs”][/gv]

Here’s a cool laser tag DIY on the Daisy MP3 Player we are going to hack in the near future… Bre gives us good insights on what kind of modding to think about and also great sources for mod such as the Goodwill and some funky stores..

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DJ’s miniture mixer, disc scratcher


Well, here’s a mixer, a mini version of disc scratcher for all you you DJs out there. I used to play with my friend’s real mixer since he was a DJ and there are some software versions out there but this would be rad to hook up to my mp3 or ipod if you have one.

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How to stop smoking using an expensive gadget


With all the gadgets, pdas, mp3s you carry in your pocket, do you need this? Yes, you probably do if you are like me and carry a big pda phone, separate mp3 player because your pda sucks at multi-tasking, and you smoke. Now you can fight your cravings with some style! 🙂

Cold turkey is a delicious meal and one hard feat to accomplish. If you are un

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“My MP3 broke!” – Poor Man’s Guide to simple MP3s


Well, my current MP3 just broke. It served me well for last 2 years through some brutal beatings and some mistaken laundry washings. I thought about an ipod or zune but with their bulkiness, they are not really practical for my pockets. Well, another point is that I don’t want to spend another $300-400 on an MP3. Then, I looked at the ipod shuffle, but it had no LCD and no option to play with when

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Cool Winamp MP3 Player


I was browsing through TechEBlog’s article, 5 MP3 Players You can’t buy and found this neato winamp mp3 player. And yes, I do agree, that it’s priceless to have something like it. Although it would be really cool to make a tiny version of it with touch-screen interface.

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Nintendo DS MP3 coming soon…


Users will be able to play MP3s on the Nintendo DS soon. SD card will be supported for memory, but the downside is that it can play videos… Well, that might be good enough for some but it would be nice to be able to hack it and make it do more…

There’s no word on price but we will get it up on zedomax as soon as anyone hears a word.


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