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Make Daisy MP3 Made! Touchscreen Desktop MP3 hack coming soon…



So we made the MP3 player and it works freakin’ great! The sound quality was as good as an off-the-shelf MP3s. We plan to hack it using a CuTOUCH CT1720 and make some cool touchscreen menus for it.

Here’s some pictures of how it will fit in the touchscreen enclosure: (It fit perfectly!)

The only hurdle we face now is changing the

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We just got our Make MP3 Player!

Yey, we just got our Make MP3 Player. We can’t wait to hack it. Garrett’s already stole it from me and soldering up half of the pieces together, I will probably get my hands on it later today. Thanks Phillip for the kit!,

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Touchscreen iPhone like LG Prada brings competition


Here’s the cool LG Prada phone that’s making consumers wonder whether to get this or the iPhone. We will have to get some videos on direct performance between these two when they are available. Touch screen interfaces are really becoming da bomb these days… I My personal suggestion is to get one iPhone and one Prada and share it among your loved ones swapping it with a SIM card… (Will both support SIM cards? That’s the big question)

The first completely touch screen Prada phone by LG (KE850) is a real breakthrough in the industry, as it is a

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Concept Iphones


Here’s a cool site with concept iphones they have been digging up before the real iphone release.

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Charging ANYthing!


Cool way to power everything in one box in this hectic world with more than enough power adaptors that we need.

“I made my own charging center for all my electronic gadgets (phone, PDA, iPod, Nintendo DS, etc.)–it’s a box with a power strip inside, and holes for the ends of the various proprietary cords to poke out. It’s really nice-looking, too (if I do say so myself). It was an easy pr

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Podcast HOWTO by Phillip Torrone from Make magazine!


Well we were thinking of making some new video podcasts so today we stopped by the Apple store in downtown San Francisco to get some ideas from Phillip Torrone at Make.

Actually Garrett and I were supposed be there together but Garrett and I got lost while my car ran out of gas on the way there… (next time, we will have to take one car!)

Here’s the summary of Podcast HOWTO:

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LG KE850 – Similar to iPhone!


[gv data=”nxUDNOyjZIU”][/gv] Here’s a cool LG phone that is similar to the iPhone. Well, maybe this is a start of a new type of phones, with LCD face and touchscreen…

Two sparsely-buttoned large, touchscreen phones: the Apple iPhone, and the LG KE850 (which already won the International Forum Design Product Design Award for 2007). Separated at birth, or possible lawsuit number two for Apple? You decide

via via

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Apple iPhone Video from Macworld in San Francisco!


[gv data=”YgW7or1TuFk”][/gv]

Yesterday was the Macworld show at the Moscone Center in SF, too bad we missed it, it must have been a lot of fun. But, here’s the CBS web video of the new Apple iPhone via

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HACK – HOWTO hack an Ipod vending machine for a free Ipod if you are broke!


Remember we had a post on the Ipod vending machine? Well here’s some guys who’ve already hacked it! Well, try not to hack one since there might be cameras around, just make sure to wear a mask or somethin’~ Well, just kidding, don’t do things like that. Remember the world is fair, what you steal, you alw

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Nice phone – The Apple iPhone runs OS X


Garrett told me about this new iPhone on engadget today. Awesome phone, just hope internet is fast!  I just hope the GSM EDGE is way faster than regular GSM…  The browser looks really cool.  Now I can get a Apple iphone instead of a computer at fraction of the price. via

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