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DIY Laser Projector using Mirrors and Motors!

Couple years back I made a laser project with mirrors and motors (you can see my laser projector here) but here’s another great DIY laser projector using motors and mirrors, much more advanced.

The main hardware setup consists of a Laser and two motors. A mirror is attached to each motor in a way that the mirror is slightly tilted to the axis of the motor. when the motor rotates the mirror the plane

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Useful technology, overpriced – OnStar for GM, Chevy vehicles

Here’s a useful technology that I personally have on my car because I couldn’t opt out unless I got the car with it. The news that OnStar could go black for millions of analog subscribers in ’08 tells only one story, that a useful technology that is overpriced might become useless and still overpriced. I am not bagging on GM for having provided one of the first useful technology to track cars, unlock cars, and all the bit-bang features

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PLC – Consider Programmable Logic Controllers for your next DIY project

PLCs are basically industrial-grade computers that can be programmed to do tasks, sorta like microcontrollers but most PLCs have built-in encoders for motor control, support for modbus, and more…

Basically, if you are not familiar with BASIC, C, Java, or assembly language, PLC Ladder Logic language might be the way to go as it has been proven in the industrial field for factory automation and more.

Ladder Logic is a way of programmi

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