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Droid Hack – How to Add Multi-Touch to Your Droid!

I guess the European Motorola Droid has multi-touch features while the U.S. version don’t, here’s how you can hack the Droid to enable multi-touch on your U.S. version too.

Of course, you might risk bricking your Droid completely useless (although I find that hard to believe if it’s Android-based) so follow directions *carefully*!

For those of you late-adapters, you might want to wait as Droid probably will support multi-touch soon through software updates.

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DROID Hack – How to Tether Motorola Droid and Other Android Phones!

UPDATE: There’s a better/free app you can install called Android WiFi Tether, read up on How to Tether your Nexus one, Droid and other Android phones should be similar.

Here’s a simple way to tether your motorola Droid using a free app (and there’s a paid app too).

And of course, it seems that this tethering app is only supported for USB or bluetooth, I wish they were able to

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