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Motorola Website Shows Droid X as “Official”

Motorola makes Droid X even more official after last week’s hush-hush announcement on Verizon’s website. [See Motorola website]

Knowing how well Motorola Droid did (by outselling iPhone 3Gs in its beginning months), we can see that the Droid brand is picking up popularity real quick.

Let me point out here that the Droid is proof that Google’s Android system can be great for

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Motorola Droid X Coming in August to Verizon!

(Image Credit: GadgetU.net)

(Image Credit)

Yup, looks like Motorola Droid X is coming next to Verizon with a hardware similar to the Sprint’s new HTC Evo 4G.  As you can see in the above pic, Droid X has identical size to the Evo 4G.  We are hoping the new Droid X will pack the new 1.5 or 2Ghz Snapdragon processor with Android Froyo

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