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Zoombak GPS Tracking Device!

If you have a Palm Pre, don’t forget to read my DIY on how to make it into a GPS/Twittering device.  Now, if you don’t have a  Palm, you might be happy to learn that there are cheaper options out there such as this Zoombak GPS tracking device, which will allow you to track your car and family.

At about $130, this is much cheaper

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Motorcycle DIY Video – How to Ride a Motorcycle!

Let me tell you a story of how I started riding motorcycles.

The very first time was at my best friend’s house up in Humbolt, California where he had a dirt-bike.  Well, to cap the story short, I didn’t know how to ride, didn’t have a helmet on, ultimately did a superman and sorta chipped a part of my leg bones after flipping over about 3 times on the ground.

As ugly as that experience sounds, I got the courage to actually BUY a motorcycle couple years later in South Korea, where I was staying.  The traffic was so bad, the only way to get around the city fa

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Bicycle DIY – How to Make a Cargo Trailer for your Bike!

When I used to go to middle school about 20 years ago, I used to have a rack for my alto saxophone I’d carry to school.  It was very heavy and the ropes made my bike look like a bike SUV. (if there’s such a thing)

Anyways, here’s a cool bicycle DIY on how to make a cargo trailer for your bike, sorta like motorcycles.

The front half is an old 26er mtb frame that I had been using as an errand/beater bike. The back half is a 29er mtb frame that I had purchased online a couple years ago… it showed up with a bad head tube/dow

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DIY – How to Make a Camera Mount for a Motorcycle!


I’ve seen camera mounts for motorcycles on the front by the steering but here’s a really radical DIY that shows you how to make a “rear” camera mount for a motorcycle that will fit on your rear peg, where normally a passenger would put his/her foot down.

This mount should support most digital cameras and small camcorders. You have the flexibility to position the camera either front or rear-wards. (or even install two at once!)

Be sure to put a small piece of tape over

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Moto Express Wash is a Motorcycle-Wash Machine!

I am sure most of you are familiar with automated car wash in your local city/town but here’s a new innovative automated Motorcycle wash for your bikers.  I wish they had one in San Francisco so I can take my bike for a wash.

With revolutionary techniques specifically designed to accommodate the growing numbers of motorcycles on the road today, the Moto Express Wash has transformed the 2 hour hand cleaning we have all accepted as normal: into a 5 minute automated process.


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DIY – How to Make a Super Scooter!

(Click to enlarge)

I am usually in the business of riding real scooters (that people call motorcycles), but here’s a Super Scooter that comes with GPS, display, and enough power to keep all your gadgets/devices charged.

We needed to use what space we had as carefully as possible while maximizing our airflow. The logical solution was a vertically mounted system of mounting plates with all the major components stripped o

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Biodegradable Organic Eco-Friendly Motor Oil made from Cow Fat!

Well, I’ve never expected this to come along, a 10/30W engine oil for cars that actually produces no smoke when burned.  The label says 2-cycle so I guess it’s mostly for motorcycles at this point.

Green Earth Technologies, creator of organic engine products, has released their new automotive lubricant to its G-Oil line, a 10W-30 that has set a new biodegradability standard. The oil biodegraded over 90% in a speedy 9 days, blowing the 28-day rate of decomposition required by the American Society of Testing Materials out of the water. P

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Chinese SWAT Team trains on Segways

Here’s a humorous pose of the Chinese SWAT team practicing on segways. (Or maybe it was a scene in the movie shooting…)

I really think this is a really good idea as parts of busy Chinese metropolitan streets will let the segway travel much faster than anything other than motorcycles and bikes.

As for shooting shot guns from a segway, I’d have to say you need more training though.

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Great DIY Invention – Bike Turn Signal Jacket!


Here’s a very innovative bike turn signal jacket.  This could be really good for motorcycles.  When do these go in production?

via boingboing

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Cool Large Pizza Cutter!

As a former employee, I can appreciate new designs for large pizza cutters.

Are you tired of your regular pizza cutter? Then check out these awesome custom pizza cutters based on chopper style motorcycles.

via techeblogtoxel

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