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Cool CNC Machine Plans

Here’s some cool CNC machine plans that you can buy…can they send us a sample? The CNC looks nice, doesn’t it? Kinda like the one Garrett made…


Express Programming Service for Inventors, engineers, MAKERS, hackers, tinkerers, etc…

My work place is hiring bunch of new people and offering some express programming service for inventors, engineers, makers, and tinkerers out there who want to make some cool touchscreen applications. I got some hookups from my boss so you can use the Promo Code “ZEDOMAX” for 40% discounts for your future projects, make sure to check it out!  The offer ends end of March so if you got a touchscreen project and need some quick programming, this might be for you.


HACK – The Wiibot using Wiimote and an industrial robot


Wholly, cr@p! Check this robot that you can control using your wii controller! Just gotta watch out we don’t start making weapons with wiimite, PEACE! via via 


DIY HACK – Build a Six-Axis 3D Controller (3D mouse)

Check out this awesome 3D mouse you can build using some creative hacks!

I’ve been exploring 3D graphics using VVVV. One of the things you quickly learn when working in 3D is that doing anything with a 2D mouse is a pain. Particularly I found I was spending a lot of time shuffling the camera position which involves a tricky combination of keystrokes and mouse movements. I wanted to get a camera control that would allow me

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DIY HACK – Internet Controlled Security Robot

Here’s a cool internet controlled security robot you make yourselves and protect your home or office!

Wow, here’s a cool internet controlled security robot using CUBLOC CB280, CuBASE 32M,

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IROBOT Create – a Roomba for robot enthusiasts especially Todbot!

Here’s a cool roomba for robot enthusiasts that iRobot just released. Great news for todbot! Now he can spend more time making some more cool stuff with this one although he’s hacked Roomba enough that we probably don’t need this new IROBOT Create…dur… Thanks chiwawa for the info! :0)

Today at th

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DIY baby rocker

[gv data=”mWj3YUQ9UiQ”][/gv]

Nicely done! I didn’t know microwave oven had a motor…duh!

This was made by a friend of mine, in a few hours, with a microwave oven motor. A new version is already in the pipe to follow this prototype.


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Check out this cool etch CNC.  Actually we were thinking of making this too, but since it’s already made, we can learn from it and make it quicker.  Awesome! 🙂

I am using a retrofit machine that fit within my budget. It’s a 2-axis machine with approximately 170x130mm travel.

The circuit board is my own design, using a ULN2803 per motor to supply approx. 0.3 amps per winding. The power supply is a standard AT hard-drive power connecto

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Wii HACK – Woomba, Wii controller + Roomba!

[gv data=”mj4lsNw3IG0″][/gv]

More nice Wii hacks! wiipee!

Also check out all the other Wii hacks on zedomax if you haven’t yet.

via via

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DIY Useful Info – AC Devices HOWTO and IR repeaters

Here’s a cool AC Devices HOWTO from the pages of Make! Very simple and very useful.

Also check out the IR repeater using McDonald toys on the same page. via

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