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DIY – Nomad Autonomous Buggy


Here’s a nice little RC buggy for future reference on RC mods…

This was probably the most important thing to achieve. The R/C vehicle that I’m using has 2 servos, one to move the position of the front wheels and therefore controls steering and the other controls a mechanical speed controller (push it forwards and you go forwards, backwards and you reverse with an zone in the middle of not moving).

Servos are driven by a PWM signal which allows accurate positioni

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CNC Milling Machine updated with Mach3 Software!



Check out the update on CNC milling machine with cool software update with Mach3 CNC software. Now Garrett’s CNC milling machine runs much faster with the Mach3!

We’ve been playing around with Mach3, which supports Modbus I/O. This example uses one modbus output on a CUBLOC module t

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Segway Wheelchair!


This is the most awesome wheelchair ever!

Josep Mora, designer from Barcelona, adapted this Segway for people with reduced mobility. He added a hand break to keep the vehicle standing on its own when stopped, a folding handle bar and a folding ramp to put the vehicle in the trunck. Watch the video.

via freshcreation

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Homemade brushless motors


Here’s some cool looking homemade brushless motors made using some PC Hard drive parts and power tools…. wow!

My first home-built outrunner motor from hard drive stators (Western Digital Caviar). Motor designation is 280-10-6 as it has a 28dia x 10mm long stator. I used 6 windings of 3-strand 0.35mm wire with a delta connection and a distributed winding pattern. It spins 12,300 RPM @ 23.3A with a 8×4 Graupner SLIM prop.

This 350-20 is the biggest motor I’ve built so far. The 12-tooth

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Balancing Robot – Balbot kits


I just ran into this balancing bot kit. Kinda pricey but cool that you can get one. (Can we get some samples?)

Now, you can build your balbot using this kit instead of starting from scratch!

The BalBot Advanced kit includes everything the Basic kit does, PLUS the BrainBoard microcontroller board, 2 forward-looking infrared distance sensors, a programmer, serial cable, C-compiler, and more (see kit contents below for details)!

In short, the BalBot Advanced kit includes all the

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Garrett’s Old school CNC Machine!



Here’s a cool old school CNC Machine Garrett made long time ago. We got some new stepper motor drivers that helped his machine to work again. 🙂

It’s a really cool CNC machine that you can make it to cut stuff but also draw stuff too. We plan to upgrade it using some Mach3 software (Thanks Art for the free program!) and some touchscreen controls…

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DIY HACK – Tank Bot!


Kinda neat creation, a tank bot. Check it out dude.  Also check out videos and circuits.


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Video – Tatoo machine



I’ve always wondered how the tatoo machines work, here’s a cool video about it

…most common method of tattooing in modern times is the electric tattoo machine, which inserts ink into the skin via a group of needles that are soldered onto a bar, which is attached to an oscillating unit. The unit rapidly and repeatedly drives the needles in and out of the skin, usually 80 to 150 times a second


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Underbed TV Lift!


Tight! If you can afford another HDTV in your bedroom and the automatic underbed TV Lift, it’s a great way to spend another great Monday. Also, check out the quicktime video here.


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Automated Garage


Okay, this automated garage is being installed in New York somewhere. I think it’s great technology that’s really been around but getting better and better every year. The only thing I am wondering is I have not seen a single robotic garage in San Francisco, why?

With attendant-free, fully automatic parking of vehicles, car owners will enjoy the retrieval of their vehicle in less than 2.5 minutes with no risk of dents, scratches or dings to the car. AutoMotion also eliminates the chance of damage to their car interior or theft of per

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