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DIY Hack – Flying Crank Motorized Ghost


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Here’s a scary DIY hack for halloween… via hackedgadgets


Halloween DIY – Talking Skull


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Here’s an awesome talking skull for halloween!

“I took him out to the garage and disconnected his eye and mouth motors from the main post. I then used 2 – 2″ screws and attached the jaw to the motor of the douglas talking fir(DTS now) I used hot glue and sealed the screws to the mouth to insure no slippage. I made a fitting in the skull with a 90 degree fitting and a 3″ piece of PVC that I attached to the inside of the skull with screws. I can now attached

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DIY HOWTO – Simple DC Motor


[gv data=”OS-ihkq8mKI”][/gv] Here’s some cool info about simple DC motors that can get u jumpstarted in your upcoming DC motor projects…

I ran across some cool pages while studying about AC vs. DC motors. I was interested in taking a small DC motor, and connecting a propeller to it. I want to stick the motor on the outside of my car, and generate a small DC voltage to power my toy, ie. an iPod, or my cell phone. I need 5v for the task. The question I

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Chiang Mai University involved in tiny nanobot’s human voyage

(you can’t see the nanobot? of course not! it’s too small!)

Just in from Chiang Mai, Thailand, the local university develops a nanobot that is small enough for a human body…

Wow, cool nanobot that can travel through human blood vessels! This is something out of comics coming to real life…

A Chiang Mai University team has developed a motor so small it will power a microscopic robot on an expedition through human blood vessels.

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Advanced Acrobatic Robot from Robonova sells at Hammacher Schlemmer for $1200


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Wow, I just got my Hammacher Schlemmer catalog and found this robot for $1200, hmmm, maybe they can send me a sample… Nice complete servo robot to get started with.

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Building The BRAT – entry level bipedal robot


Cool looking bipedal robot you can get started,

Our pals at ROBOT magazine have a -great- review and photos of this new/low-cost bi-ped robot, the BRAT – “This pictorial shows the assembly of Lynxmotion’s, www.lynxmotion.com, new BRAT, an entry level bipedal robot that is a milestone robot. With a starting price of less than $300, BRAT offers an affordable yet sophisticated entry into the humanoid robotics field. Use Lynxmotion’s powerful sequencing software and you wil

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DIY Circuit – Door Unlocker


Cool door unlocker based on PIC16F630 microcontroller and a stepper motor…I need this since I’ve broken my door before due

to locking myself in…

via hackaday

via make

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60inch SubWoofer


Yes, this subwoofer is the wave of the future…

For earth shattering bass you can’t beat this custom made 60-inch subwoofer which has the ability to produce SPL levels above 180 dB. This monster has ouput displacement comparable to 160+ ten-inch woofers! More after the jump. The motor is capable of producing 6,000+ pounds of linear force, which is necessary when considering the very large surface area and displacement volume required to produce high SPL levels.

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DIY – Controlling a DC Motor over Ethernet with the DAC Circuit


Here’s a cool diy on a DAC circuit to control a DC motor with your PC over the internet using Visual Basic Winsock.

The circuit that I chose for this assignment is the motor project. The DAC circuit will be used to control the speed of a DC motor. This can be done by creating a Visual Basic program to interface with the motor and the PC. The input from the client will be in decimal form (0 – 255) and these digital sequences will be converted into binary codes (analog form) by using the

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DIY – Build your own CNC milling machine

Interesting article on how to build your own CNC machine.

via [sci-spot.com]

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