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iPhone Illusions with this funny walking Alien App!

Here’s a slight illusionary work with the iPhone, a funny walking Alien App.

Created by David O’Reilly, iHologram combines anamorphosis and the iPhone’s gyroscopes to achieve this awesome visual magic trick. Anamorphosis is a way to draw things distorted so, while watched at a certain

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Asus Eee Sticks like Wii Nunchucks?

Looks like Asus Eec Sticks will be available for PC games.

My only concern is that they might be violating some copyright or patents of Nintendo…let’s wait till they sue. In the meanwhile, grab one of these as quickly as you can.

These Eec nunchuks will definitely go well with the new Eec Linux boxes.

Nintendo Wii-like wireless gaming is coming to PCs, with Asus launching the Eee Stick, a package including two controllers that use motion sensors

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