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Recommended Mosquitos

Bat Conservatory House-helps reduce mosquitos naturally and increase of up to 40 bats!

The Bat Conservatory House claims to house bats so they will eat up all your mosquitos.  Which is a great idea but what about bats?  Aren’t bats scarier than mosquitos?

It’d be hard to understand why you’d want to be bitten by bats than mosquito given how much bigger they are.


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Mega-Catch Mosquito Traps!


This crazy mosquito trap called Mega-Catch can be used for catching a large number of mosquitos.  The machine even uses a big tank of CO2 gas to attract mosquitos all-year-round.

Of course, you probably won’t need this $500 mosquito catcher unless you are in super mosquito-rich area.

The first choice of thousands of US households as the ultimate weapon against mosquitoes. Mega-Catch™ Ultra

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