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Bike Hack – How to Add a Garden to your Bike!

Are you a garden fanatic like me who waters and checks his grass daily?  Well, you no longer have to worry about your garden when at work, just put your garden ON the bike!

A window box for the cyclist who is always on the move, or cycle tourist needing nutritious strawberries and beansprouts.. or simply for someone without a garden….or a moron,(like me).

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Disgusting Racist Makes an Outrageous Sign of Obama!

Well, I just “hoped” that this sign wasn’t actually in America but sadly it is.  Never mind who you are voting for, whoever made this sign is world’s most disgusting racist.  I don’t see how colored Arabic Obama has anything to do with politics, this is simply plain racist sign that shows how few Americans are still uneducated.  If you are going to make a sign, please do not include racist remarks or for anything else for that matter.


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DIY – Dirty Tricks to Double your Traffic and talk trash all day long

If you have noticed our post about how to be a moron and learn to not be rich, that WAS a big joke so go check out Can’t Get Rich and learn how to double your traffic by collaborating on a “set” blog-fight and talking trash all day long to bring more traffic.

BTW, Geoff, that was a lot of fun. Let’s do another one soon. We will have to stage it better o

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