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Food Hack – How to Make Homemade Butter/Buttermilk!

Have you ever wondered how you could make homemade butter or buttermilk ?

Well, here’s a really cool food hack that shows you how to make great homemade butter, go knock yourself out this mornin’.

Have you ever made butter? Thanks to modern technology, it’s almost an effortless process. I remember doing it twice before: once in kindergarten and once at my grandma’s house using a neat little butter churner. In kindergarten, we passed around a small jar of cream and shook it. Just when you thought you arm was going to fall off,

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SiteHoppin’ 10K Baby!

Wow, this is simply something I’ve never done, make a website and then make it get over 10,000 UNIQUE VISITORS within 11 days.

Check this out:

Wow, we haven’t really hit 10K yet, but we got 9,991 and it’s still 10:01PM baby.

We are excited as hell like couple days ago when we reached 6,953! But, the day right after my birthday, my new site, SiteHoppin’ took off crazier than any sites I’ve ever made AND one of my best college buddies Billy Hendrix’s girlfriend, just had a boy baby this mornin’!

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