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DIY – How to Build a Banana Bike!

Here’s a cool instructable on how to make your own banana bike.  Although I’d probably never recommend you ride one, it’d be fun to build one yourself.

Convert a small kid bike into a fun sporty looking silly riding adult bike.

Kids outgrow their bikes so fast but here is a way to put even the smallest 12″ wheel kid bike back into action as a cool-goofy adult bike.

Re-uses/repurposes old items from the dumpster: small kid bike, crutch, old steel tu

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Solar Lawnmower and Mopbot

Okay, I’ve finally been able to stay away from the computer thanks to my girlfriend. But we are back for some more hacks and DIYs.

Check out these cool solar lawnmower robots and mop robot if you don’t want to spend $200 on a Roomba. You could probably make these inventions a little bit smart by adding a programmable controllers such as CUBLOC or

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