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Laptop Stand with High Speed USB Ports!

Here’s a really cool laptop stand with high speed USB ports from Logitech.  This might be just what you need to keep your laptop off the ground while making use of the extra USB ports for connecting all your peripheral USB gadgets.

The Logitech® Alto™ Connect raises your notebook display for increased viewing comfort. You’re more relaxed—and more productive. It’s an attractive alternative to expensive monitors and docking stations. Three High Speed USB ports make connecting peripherals a snap. An extra port on the front adds instant access to your personal digital dev

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Basic Stamp Hack – DIY Hot Wheels Basic Stamp Margarita Dispenser!

Here’s a really cool and “racy” way to get your margaritas dispensed using hot wheels toy cars, Basic Stamp, and some creativity. (via hackedgadgets)

A Parallax Basic Stamp 1 monitors the progress of the stunts using microswitches added to the accessories. If the track is properly set up (requiring a hint of sobriety) and the Basic Stamp verifies the proper trigger sequence and timing intervals, then a 12-volt pump fills a cup with pre-mixed margarita from a gas can reservo

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Newsstand Hack – How to Make a Digital Newsstand!


Here’s a really fun hack that shows you how to make a digital newsstand for your home!  This might be a great way to check out front page news of your favorite newspapers, all while sitting at home.

Of course, we’d like to see this hacked a bit further, perhaps somehow hooking up a Kindle 2 to actually read the whole newspaper.

I’ve modified an old newspaper box to deliver the latest headlines to my livin

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DIY Replica Fighter Jet goes 5MPH!

Check out this cool DIY replica fighter jet that can actually run at 5MPH.  Of course, that’s on the ground only but I wouldn’t mind having one of these in my garage, great for weekend neighborhood showoffs.

Measuring seven metres in length and four metres in width the £4,000 F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet has been built at a scale of 1:2.

Resembling Tom Cruise’s jet out of Top Gun, it took 3,500 hours to construct the model.

The plane is constructed from iron, wood, hard foam, fibreglass and lots of epoxy filler, c

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DIY Wall-Sized Sunset made from Old PCs/Monitors!

A UK-based artist Sandy Smith creates an awesome “sunset” effects with use of old PCs and monitors.  Not the most energy-efficient way to make such an art but then re-using the old PCs is a great way to make use of useless gadgets.

The resulting wall stretched accross the centre of the main room of the gallery, wall to wall and floor to ceiling, the rear of the computers facing the windows onto the street. A small doorway was built into the wall, only five and a half foot tall, and two foot wide. The monitors facing forwards showed fla

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CES 2008 – Alienware’s New Curved Monitor ROCKS!

Check it out, a curved widescreen monitor to fill your dreams!

Alienware has slapped four monitors together to make one big, curved monitor that is supposedly aimed at the gaming crowd. Looks kinda cool though, don’t you think? Gizmodo has tons of pictures of the monitor posted, I snagged a few to whet your appetite:


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