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How to Make Money with Image Traffic!

You’ve probably seen these Google ads popping up on images at Zedomax.com and wondering what the heck it is.

For those of you bloggers and web content people out there, Pixazza is a new way to make money online with image traffic.

Basically you can put ads on images, which is automated by Pixazza, and you get a share of CPC Pixazza receives.

Pixazza is also a Google Venture-backed company, meaning they are probably the best for this type of image monetization.

You can read about the

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Paypal DIY – How to Send Money to India!

Recently, Paypal was banned from sending money to India.

Some of our bloggers have been having trouble receiving money because of the issue.

What are the alternatives?

I’ve tried Xoom, which charges a very small fee to send anything under $1000 and no charge between $2000-3000.

If you do business over in India and you need to keep sending/receive money, try Xoom.

I tried it couple years back when I sent money to our bloggers in India and works

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UPS Hack – How to Get More Capacity and Battery Power from a UPS!

UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) is a great way to insure that none of your real-time applications shut down while working if the power goes out for some reason.  Of course, UPSes aren’t cheap these days and they can cost you an arm and a leg but there’s a UPS hack that can help you get more capacity and bettery life by adding car batteries to it.  What a great idea huh?  Your new hacked UPS should last you at least 3-20 times longer.

Now I have a great idea for all those UPS companies, they can

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Fridge DIY – How to Convert a Chest Freezer into a Refrigerator!

Here’s a super, innovative way to convert a chest freezer into a highly, efficient refrigerator.  (See PDF schematics here.)

My chest fridge (Vestfrost freezer turned into a fridge) consumes about 0.1 kWh a day. It works only about 2 minutes per hour. At all other times it is perfectly quiet and consumes no power whatsoever. My wind/solar system batteries and power-sensing inverter simply love it.

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Auto DIY – How to Rotate Your Tires!

I started rotating my own tires when I was 17 years old with a crappy jack.  Of course, not knowing a thing about cars in my younger teen years, I probably used the wrong jack points.  Watch the video below to learn how to rotate your tires and also “where” to jack up your car so you don’t unknowingly mess up your car.

Rotating tires isn’t that hard, if you are actually paying money to someone to do this for you, you might reconsider doing it yourself in the future as the recession economy will reward you for that.

My #1 advice?

Get a proper

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Plumbing DIYs from SF Plumbing!

Here’s a bunch of interesting plumbing DIYs from SF Plumbing Sewer Specialists:

Learn how to solder copper pipes and copper joints.  Don’t like to pay plumbers?  Try this DIY on how to install/replace your own toilet.

Did you know that tankless heaters can save you money for small apartments/condos/homes?  Check

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Ethernet Cable Hack – How to Run Ethernet and Phone Line over Ethernet Cat-5 Cable!

When I first started working at a job, I used to work as an IT administrator.   At one point, I even installed cat-5 cable through an entire 5000 sq. feet office building.  That was a lot of fun as I had to access the office ceiling for a whole day.

Anyways, a Cat-5 ethernet cable is nothing more than “enhanced” phone cables.  The phones usually use Cat-3 cables, which are slightly thinner wires and is more prone to electromagnetic interference.  

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Gold Edition iPhone 3G!

Great, they are working on the gold edition of iPhone 3G.  Everyone wants to make money off the 3G iPhone, isn’t it time you invented something of your own instead? (that goes for all the scavengers living off iPhone)

The gold edition will go on sale for approx. $787 and the diamond edition will cost approx. 1,970.

via bornrich

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Instrument DIY – How to Make a Marimba!

Marimba may be one of the coolest musical instruments on earth today with its ability to make relaxing beach-resort sounds.  Well, you don’t have to wait until you are in Jamaica to hear the Marimba, you can build your own like this guy did. – link

I am a mallet percussionist who loves the marimba. About four years ago I had a problem. Though I loved percussion, I had no way of practicing at home. There were cheap options. I could have bought a bell ki

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Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard Top 10 Plays!

You know it’s going to be a smack-down this weekend when the Los Angeles Lakers and the Orlando Magic battle it out, here’s the top 10 plays of Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard:



Who do you think will win?  I got my money on Orlando Magic, I think they have a better team.

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