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Top 5 Palm Pre Hacks To Do on Your Palm Pre!

I admit it, I’ve been a Palm Pre  whore ever since I got the Pre couple weeks ago.  For me, having Sprint’s EDVO fast connection and a linux-based smartphone is like heaven.  Trust me, it’s faster, better, and more reliable than proprietary iPhone.  Yes, I support the open source community Linux.

So, if you ever get a Palm Pre, what’s the Top 5 Palm Pre hacks you need to do to your Pre?

Hack your Palm Pre to act as a WiFi Router. – This is what I

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25 Gallon Coffee Table Aquarium!

When I was growing up, my mom used to have this 40-50 gallon fish tank with bunch of cool tropical fish.  Actually, we had almost every type of cool tropical fish and I used to help my mom clean up the aquarium. (or fish tank is it?)

Anyways, I found this really cool Coffee Table 25-gallon Aquarium that might go really well in your home.

I plan to get one of these when I get

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Wedding DIY – How to Make Table Numbers!

Well, I could probably easily make some DIY printable table numbers using Photoshop, but here’s the simpler way to do it if you are not a graphic designer/programmer like me:

The photo table number would be great for a bridal shower or a baby shower with a picture of the couple or the mom to be. You could replace the wine bottle by a reusable water bottle for an outdoor theme party.

Martha supplied two templates with no number, in case yo

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Food Hack – How to Make Seaweed!

Seaweed has always been a big food group in my life, due to the fact that Koreans love seaweed and its everywhere in the ocean in Korea.

Now, seaweed does have lots of nutritional goodies like vitamins and they are like the ultimate vegetable from the sea, something the land can’t offer with its mass-produced crap.  (unless it’s organic and local, well, still…)

My mom grew up in a small island in South Korea, where her family were the richest sea farmers on that island. (

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Food Hack – How to Make Korean Style Soy Sauce!

When I was growing up in Korea, it was pretty common to see people making their own soy sauce including my mom, who used to have 3 barrels of soy sauce that lasted us about 10 years.   I used to wonder why it took so long to make soy sauce but it lasts a lifetime once you make it.

Soy sauce can be created along with fermented soy bean paste, which is another by-product while making soy sauce.

Soy sauce has scientifically been proven to help prevent Cancer and other diseases(One of the Top 10 antioxidants on Eart

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German Mom puts her baby on sale at eBay!

A German mom put her baby on sale at eBay for 1 euro.  Of course, it was just a joke but… remember this, “THERE ARE NO REFUNDS!”

Didn’t the doctors tell her this when she left the hospital?

A woman who earlier tried to sell her baby on eBay was reunited with the infant after being investigated by German authorities. The police were alerted after several people called to complain about the eBay auction offering the 8 month old because he “cries too much,” the opening bid was for just 1 Euro. eBay, as expected, removed the auction as soon as

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DIY – Frontier Labels for adding graphics to your next product

This is a paid review on ReviewMe.

Check out Frontier Labels for your next graphics job, whether that’s preparing a sample for your next client meeting or it’s for your mom-and-pop online store.

It looks like they’ve got a wide range of sizes for your next project that requires labels. I am even thinking of ordering one of their free samples for my websites.

Looks l

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DIY Circuit HACK – Moon Clock

A lot of Asian cultures still use the moon clock for calculating their birthdays. For whatever reason, our family still cannot figure out my mom’s birthday as it was originally recorded as a Moon day… Well we could figure it out using some moon calculators

Anyways, check out the moon caclulator here.

Despite the hour hand only roughly modeling the sun’s motion through the zodiac,

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TrioBike for moms!

Get trio-bike that can do three things!

via gizmodo

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