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Control Alt Delete Cups – Microsoft(suck) should sell them along with Vista and Mojave Experiment!

When did Ctrl+Alt+Del phenomenon start?  Well, it probably goes back to the days of DOS operating system but Windows made it practical and famous with its blue screens of death.

These Control Alt Delete Cups will let you free yourself from stress by drinking the keys, not punching or hitting them with your fists.  (I have to admit that on many occasions using Windows 95 and 2000, I did punch out couple of Control, Alt, and Delete keys.)

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Windows Vista Mojave Experiment

Microsoft is doing an experiment where they tell people about their new “Mojave” operating system and how cool it is.  In the end, MS tells the participants that the “Mojave” OS is actually Windows Vista.

(10/08/2008 UPDATE – Now I have Vista pre-installed on my new Inspiron 1525 $600 Dell laptop, check out what happened on the first day, this is Zedomax Mohave Exp

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