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Tranquil PC announces Intel Atom-based Harmony home servers

Tranquil PC announces Intel Atom-based Harmony home servers.

The only bad part?

It ships with Microsoft Windows Home Server, which makes it worthless to anyone who uses Linux.  Well, it’s not worthless but you gotta pay more.

two new fanless models should be shipping in June: the T7-HSAi (left, with a single 3.5-inch drive or two 2.5-inch drives) and T2-WHS-A3i (right, with up to two 3.5-inch drives), both featuring Ethernet, four USB 2.0 ports, 512MB or 1GB RAM options, and running Windows Home Server. With base configs and 50

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Veldini Q – The James Bond Wristwatch!

You might want to check out the Veldini Q James Bond style wristwatch if you are into spying on other people.  Make sure to check out all the other cool watches at zedomax.com.

The spy tools include a set of pick locks, a glass cutter, a blade, and much more. For everyday use, this 007 watch features a mirror, a blade, bottle opener, and more. The watch also echoes the design of the hammer mechanism of 007’s Walther PPK pistol, which releases the previously mentioned card. Currently the ‘Q’

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Live coverage from Sony’s CES press conference at Engadget

The greatest part about NOT going to CES this year? I get to sit on my butt and read all these tech blog write about them. Well, it’s good that I am acting sorta as a “human filter” to filter out all the crappy stuff and post the best on Zedomax.

Anyways, you can get a really good overview of Sony’s CES press conference over at Engadget. I think this is one of the longest Engadget posts I’ve seen in awhile.


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Robot Testing in homes

I don’t know about a secret army but seems like these robots would be fun to have around…bring me beer…fetch newspaper…turn on heater…etc…etc…

South Koreans are moving toward a robotic society with the Korean Ministry of Information and Communication (MIC) launching the pilot program of the national ‘Ubiquitous Robot Companion’ last week.This pilot program comprises of 1,000 of five different robot models which will be placed

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