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Down Low Glow for your Bicycle!


If you are into Fast and Furious stuff, (as I used to be with a ’97 Mitsubishi Eclipse tricked out with custom turbo system and all that jazz) you can still experience those cool glowing lights under the bottom even if you can’t afford a real car.  Get it HERE

Besides looking real cool, you will also benefit from other drivers seeing you better at night so you don’t get hurt.

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Organic Thin-Film Solar Cell Leaves!

Organic thin film solar cell leaves…  Wow, you could build a whole tree with these!

A Japanese institute and firms prototyped a foliage plant-like solar cell module by using organic thin-film solar cells.

A leaf-like module featuring bright green solar cells was developed by National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Mitsubishi Corp and Tokki Corp.

The organic thin-film solar cell consists of a plastic substrate, phthalocyanine layer, fullerene layer and so forth. And eight 7.5cm2 solar cel

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Dallas Cowboys Stadium to Get World’s Largest 20,000 Square Feet of Video Screen

Wow, check out this upcoming HDTV!

You thought the largest HDTV screen war is over? Well! That’s not actually the case! And, before you make any presumptions about Panasonic loosing hold of owning the world’s largest HDTV display for its 103-inchie plasma panel, let me steer you in the right direction! This time Dallas Cowboys Stadium has clinched the title of owning the world’s largest vid

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