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DIY RC Fan Shopping Cart from MIT!


You might remember the DIY Motorized Shopping Cart from student in MIT months back. Well, those MIT students are still tinkering with shopping carts as witnessed here in the video showing a radio-controlled shopping cart, all powered by a fan that refuses to go fast enough.

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Video – Harddrive Yoyo

[gv data=”4e8ZNMEOWXM”][/gv]

Yes, if you can make this, you are a genius and probably graduated from MIT. Props to Rick. 🙂



Automatic Pilot Helicopters – MIT profs create autonomous UAVs

The MIT Team is using DraganFlyer helicopters, Gentoo Linux,

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Cool High-tech whiteboard for your school from MIT

[gv data=”NZNTgglPbUA”][/gv]

Yes, we need this whiteboard, can anyone make a DIY on it?

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Cool Innovators videos

Here’s some cool video interviews from technology review that you can check out some of the innovators of today’s technology.

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(Submitted by Jason) Jason of Technology Review says,

It features some cool innovators you’ve heard of, like Stewart Butterfield of Flickr, and Sebastian Thrun, winner of the DARPA challenge, and some you probably haven’t heard of. Keep an eye o

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