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Gold plated Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG for the Filthy Rich!

It’s a good thing that Obama became President and he’s giving out massive tax-cuts for the lower and middle class citizens that will lessen the chance of the filthy rich spending their money on something unnecessary such as this gold-plated Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG.

Neverthless, it’s a bling-bling creation I wouldn’t mind driving around Dubai.


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DIY – How to Make Mirror-Finish PC Case Mod!


Here’s a really cool PC Case mod, a DIY on how to make mirror-finish PC Case surface.

Spray paint your PC case and give it a mirror finish. You won’t need expensive painting equipment and supplies. You’ll find most of the products I used at hardware and automotive stores.

3M Perfect It III Compounds and 3M Imperial Hand Glaze is usually sold in Autobody Supply Stores, but I’ve linked them to an online resource. I prefer using carnauba type car wax, but any automotive

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