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Zippo Hack – How to Turn Your Zippo into a Mint Dispenser!

Tab Dock is a new Zippo insert from Japan that will turn your regular ol’ Zippo into a cool looking Mint Dispenser.  As an avid smoker who have previously used Zippos a lot, I think this may help stop my cigarette cravings while the alternative mints might also do some good too.

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Circuit DIY – How to Make Penny Heat Sink!

Well, believe it or not, someone has elongated the idea of heat sinks by attaching more heat-aborbing household materials such as pennies and paper clips.

Great idea, you can check out the DIY page here.

All of the pennies are 1981 or earlier vintage, that being the last year US pennies were made mostly of copper. After that, they’re mostly zinc, with some copper plating. The penn

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