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Keyboard Hack – How to Make a Mini Keyboard!

Honestly, I don’t need those extra number keyboard buttons on the side of my desktop keyboard.  It just takes up more space, especially if you don’t know how to use it and you are not an account.

No worries, you can easily chop it off and make it into a usable DIY mini keyboard, there’s virtually no wires between the two pieces so you should be fine.

It happened that I had one spare at home, but alas, it was quite big for my small home workplace. I got inspired by Happy Hacking Keyboard and decided to create something similar. I choose to have ver

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iPhone Hack – How to Add a Mini-Keyboard to your iPhone!


Apparently, a guy in Japan has hacked his iPhone to work with his mini keyboard.

With this translation, I am kinda getting the idea how he did it.  (If you can read Japanese, please enlighten me by translating this original DIY Page.

From what is looks like, you just need 3 l

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