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Recommended Mini-cooper

RC Mini Cooper!

Just plain bored?  Or need some ways to entertain your cats and dogs?  Get this RC Mini Cooper for just $9.99 at ThinkGeek.  Not only are these thumbnail sizes, they will virtually kill time for hours and let you have some fun.


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Crocodile-Skin Gym Bag Costs $13,800!

How about some authentic crocodile-skin gym bag that costs $13,800?  If you are gym-fanatic, this might suit you well for years to come and you can look “rich”.  Did we mention that you could get a cheap $5 bag on eBay, get 1 year membership at your local fitness center (around $1000 to $2000 per year), AND you could probably afford a used Mini Cooper if you decided not to get one? Well, probably a really really old and beat-up Mini that is

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