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DJ Video – Nintendo DS scratching!


Wow, this is awesome!  Nintendo DS scratching for DJholics.

DScratch is the first module made using my Protein engine – it’s a little audio manipulation software running on Nintendo DS, which ables you to play with an .wav audio sample, a recorded audio sample or even audio streaming from DS’s embedded mic; you can pitch, scratch, rewind, mute and apply effects on the sound. Moreover, DScratch sends

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DIY – A MIDI controller shaped like a Hayden Duet Concertina

Cool midi project using PIC!

As you’ll see in the pictures, first I built a flat 8X8 array of switches laid out in the Hayden pattern (the white one plays “c”). The flat array let me lay the first one out pretty much just like the schematic diagram. It also let me not care too much about the end result, since I was learning to solder. The first version was wired to a breadboard, (not shown) where I debugged the circuitry. And after the electr

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Nintendo DS Midi HACK!

[gv data=”AYDF313Ae7A”][/gv]

Okay…hackaday has found a nintendo ds midi hack for you…try it if you need it, otherwise, check out our other stories!

This is what German hacker/student/musician Tob, who created the cool NitroTracker old-school tracker app for the DS has been working on: Software to turn put

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Harmony Bionic Ear System

Hmm…cool biornic ears, great stuff~

Boston Scientific’s bionic ear gets FDA approval today, perfectly timed to save the hearing of Metallica fans rounding 40+. The piece delivers 120 spectral bands, which is 5-10 times more than the competition. Hmm…120 bands? I bet that makes the world sound as if it were in MIDI. The internal sound processor hooks into the brain, while the external processor automatically adjusts gain to make speech clearer, whisper

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