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Kinect Hacks – How to Make a Virtual Keyboard using Kinect!

People have been starting to hack the new Microsoft Kinect like a new toy on Christmas (wait, it is Christmas soon, perhaps why) and here’s a really cool GIANT, virtual keyboard using Kinect and Kinect open source (OpenKinect.org).

See demo of the device:

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Microsoft Sued For Its new MS Office Products!

Microsoft sued for copyright infringement case against a Canadian company for their Office products, all Office products have now officially been stopped from sales in retail and online.  Well, I don’t use Office anyways, GoogleDocs is much better.  What I like most about GoogleDocs is the fact that it’s free and doesn’t clog up my new computer with crapware.  There, I said it, don’t use Office anymore unless you really have to.  But yes, Windows 7 is definitely something else, I like it.

On Monday, Microsoft yanked almost every version of Office f

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Glass Keyboard Looks Uncomfortable

Though a concept, the glass keyboard would be very uncomfortable and hand-straining device we really don’t need.

Glassss surface inputting is the new hotness for almost every gadget maker today. From from the iPhone to Microsoft’s Surface technology, flat is where it’s at. Introducing the flattest full size QWERTY keyboard to date, “No-key Keyboard” by Kong Fanwen. Consisting of just a glass surface, camera and lighting, this alternative keyboard concept will use the latest motion capture technology to watch your fingers nervously sel

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Apple with 3 new Mac commercials


Here’s some more Apple ads trying to counter the new Laptop Hunter ads.

It looks like Apple is trying to counter Microsoft’s Laptop Hunter commercials. They seem to be successful so far with these new commercials. The video below has all three comercials in one. Great Thanks to TheMightyM94 for uploading it.

via Source

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DIY Cellphone USB UltraSound!

Even if you don’t have back-door access to your nearest ultrasound lab, you can, in fact, take ultrasound snapshots of your baby every week (or even every minute!) with one of these awesome DIY cellphone USB ultrasound system.  Okay, I admit, it looks more like a vibrator here but lets now forget it is an ultrasound on your cellphone, this IS a great idea for cheapening future costs of taking ultrasound scans.

The power of a modern cell phone is changing how many things are done today. For example I recently heard that the once CPU taxing program

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Windows 7 Hack – How to Run Windows 7 in XP Mode!

Clearly, if you have to run a “virtual” Windows XP on Windows 7, it’s probably simply better to use Windows XP like me, the *middle-adaptor way.

*Middle-adaptor is someone who is between early-adaptor and stubborn people.

But if you must run Windows 7 and tinker with another Microsoft’s junky OS, you can also install Virtual Windows XP, so they will run all of your Windows XP software.

Pointless huh? Microsoft should just start selling XP instead of all the new junk that doesn’t work or even better, make XP better/faster.

It’s lik

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Multi-Touch DIY – How to Build a Multi-Touch Surface Computer!

Microsoft Surface may be an easy option for businesses to get a multi-touch surface computer but they did not invent it nor is it the only viable option to having one yourself.

The guys over at MaximumPC has done a fantastic job of documenting how to build a multi-touch surface computer all from scratch using open-source multi-touch software Touchlib.  I find it facinating that the multi-touch is basically compose

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SurfaceDJ for Microsoft’s Surface Multi-Touch Computer at Web 2.0 Expo 2009!


It’s been a long week as I was attending the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco and had to update a site for a client but here’s the first of many videos I took from the show.

This is actually at Microsoft’s booth, they were featuring their new multi-touch computer, the Microsoft Surface.

I am not usually a fan of Microsoft’s mon

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Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 Here!

IE 8 is finally here, out of beta, you can download it here.

I suspect that IE8 still will be slow but heck, I will give it a try later today and let you know on what’s up.

Today Microsoft Corp. announced the availability of Windows Internet Explorer 8, the new Web browser that offers the best solution for how people use the Web today. It c

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Palm Pre Video Review!


Here’s a first look at the new Palm Pre, built on open source platform, sorta like Android.

It looks really good but time will tell how many hackers and developers will catch onto Palm’s open source platform.  There’s no word if it’s based on Linux or proprietary, in which case it will be a hard sell.

I highly like the screen very much.  Well, watch the video!

The video is one of the most complete demonstrations of the Pre that we’ve seen to date, showing app to app transitions without the co

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