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Linux starting to take over the world with Mini-notebooks and netbooks!

Recently, I’ve been noticing that more and more laptop manufacturers are putting Linux on their mini-notebooks inluding the Eec PCs.

I’ve actually predicted that Linux would take over Windows back in year 1999 within 5 years.  Boy was I wrong but my prediction that Linux will take over Windows will be true in about another 5 years AFTER the mini-laptop sales really takes off and Linux takes over 50% market share.

Well, it could just be me rambling, then again, it is true that Linux is virtually free and easily customizab

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World Wide Telescope for your next Starry Nights!

Wow, check out some of these shots taken with World Wide Telescope from Microsoft!

Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope is out… I’m going to install it soon and compare it to Go

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