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Mini iPhone Mic that Looks like a ThumbTacks!

Remember the first mini iPhone mic we saw like last week?  Well, here’s another company that has made it even tackier, it resembles ThumbTacks!

The only thing I am worried is that your friends might think a real thumbtack is stuck on your earphone plug and try to take it out.

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iPhone Mini Microphone $14.99!

Breaking NEWS!  There’s a mini iPhone microphone available that looks like that.

Today, USBFever introduces the mini microphone for the iPhone. This small attachment makes it possible to record conversations, depositions, meetings or interview conversations for you live bloggers.

Might be a great for any other gadgets though.

via getusb

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3G iPhone HACK – User-Accessible Screws may allow easy battery change on the 3G iPhone!

The user-accessible screws on the new iPhone 3G might be an indication of user-changeable batteries. (although we highly doubt Apple would do that)

As previously noted, Apple’s new “guided tour” of the iPhone 3G demonstrates operation of the AppStore and a slew of already-detailed functionality. Closer inspection of the video has unveiled a few more revelations.

A look at the bottom of the new iPhone 3G during the video reveals n

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Flashlight with Integrated Video Camera!

Here’s a cool flashlight that also embeds an integrated video camera.  How neat is that?

Now you can go in the dark and shoot your favorite videos with just a single flashlight.

There’s no word when this will be available in the U.S. though…darn.

The AD-1500 Video Flashlight records video with its mini CMOS camera and built-in microphone. As long as you’re not too intrigued by the rookie puking over in the corner, you could pick up every singl

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How to Make an Umbrella Parabolic Microphone!


Check out how to make an umbrella parabolic microphone!

via make

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DIY HACK – How to Convert a Microphone into an FM Spy Listener!


Here’s a fun hack that shows you how to install an FM transmitter so you can spy on wherever the Microphone is.

via instructables

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Samsung Launching a Dual Monitor with Webcam!

Samsung will be launching their new dual monitor setup which includes a 22-inch monitor and a mini detachable 7-inch monitor you can attach on any side of the bigger monitor.

This seems like a really good idea and I think other LCD manufacturers will quickly start copying it.

It makes sense since sometimes you just need  about 7 inches of extra screen for IMs, video messaging, or a slideshow of your flickr while you work.

SEOUL, Korea (AVING) &

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DIY HACK – Sound Trigger Circuit for High Speed Photography

Wow, check out this cool sound trigger circuit DIY for High Speed Photography!

The general use is quite simple: setup a noisy event to trigger the flash. Since I am using the Sigma EF-500 Flash, which have an internal “dumb slave”, I activate a led to tell the flash when to fire. A more general solution can be found

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mekevorka costume for halloween!

Wow, this is the most geekiest coolest halloween costume I’ve seen so far…


Here’s Donivan’s entry for the MAKE & CRAFT Halloween contest, he writes – “This is my MeKeVoRkA costume I made a few years ago. The chest plate is using an EL sequencer that has been modified to use a larger inverter. Unfortunately the photos don’t show all the strands lit at once. There is a Basic Stamp microcontroller that

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