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DIY HACK – Build your own Altoids Digital Thermometer!

Here’s a fun little project Digital Thermometer DIY that you can read and make your own with an Altoids can!


This instructable will show you how to create a multifunction platform with a thermometer, chronograph (count up timer), count down timer, and light display. It is also intended to be a platform for other analog s

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DIY APPLE HACK – Apple Bus Mouse garage door opener mod!

Check out this cool Apple Bus Mouse that’s been modded into a garage door opener. Brilliant!

So I got bored tonight and started going though my box-o-cables and came across an old Apple bus mouse I had gutted years ago. I always wanted to turn it into a garage door opener but never got around to it. Well, coincidently the garage door opener for my apartment parking is the perfect size to sit inside the mouse with room for a switch.

After some probing around the open

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DIY ROBOSAPIEN HACK – How to add remote controlled flamethower Robosapien!


Wow. This is awesome! (Not intended for people under the age of 18) Check out this cool remote controlled flamethrower robosapien!

Just remember that I did warn you! So now if you blow off a hand or burn your house down you can’t blame me! Now we can get down to business. I had seen the V1 flamethrower hack by Adam Plavinskiswhen I was first looking into ge

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DIY – Build your own Johnny 5 Lego Mindstorm NXT!

This is awesome! Johnny 5 (Short Circuit) is one of my favorite movies ever and here’s a Johnny 5 Mindstorm NXT you can make!

Johnny 5 is ALIVE!

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Zedomax DIY 128 – HOW TO Make a Glowing Heart LED Night Light!



I was at my local Dollar Store the other day and when I saw this Heart shaped Touch Light, I had to hack one for my gf.Here’s a quick hack on how to make a regular Touch Light and make it into a Glowing Heart Night Light.

Click on “Continue reading” to see the complete howto.

Parts List

Touch Light from local Dollar Sto

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Cool ROBOT – Servo Snake Bot!


This is sick! Check out the servo snakebot using an Atmel Atmega32 microcontroller and bunch of Futaba servos!  You can see more videos of the snakebot here.

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Maker Faire Showcase Video


Cool, check out the Maker Faire Showcase video. Nice hat Phil! (Are you going to wear it at the faire?)

Yes, make to check out Zedomax at Maker Faire. We will have live blogging where you can get yourself on Zedomax!

We will have some fun stuff like USB Mouse Prank and

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Roomba HACK – Roomba with Laser sighting Soft BB Gun


Check out this cool Roomba that can shoot continuous soft BBs to the target which it tracked through it’s laser sighting.

This is a current project of mine, hacking a Roomba Red. After seeing all the roomba hacks on MAKE and Hack A Day I really wanted to build my own bluetooth controlled roomba. What really finally motivated me was seeing all the different projects on

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Garrett’s USB Mouse Prank Device


I was at work trying to draw some stuff and Garrett came over with his USB Hid Portal device and plugged it into my USB hub (which was annoying at first) then suddenly my mouse started making circles on its own! So we decided to call this the USB Mouse Prank Device… There’s really no howto on this but you can check out Garrett’s past USB projects such as:

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DIY Project – M&M Line Trace Robot!

Tight, check out this really cool M&M Line Trace Robot! It’s awesome! They should sell these at M&M stores. (I recently bought a M&M sculpture for my dad’s birthday but this is even better!)

For the holidays, my local grocery store sold m&m’s candy containers in the shape of a racecar. The containers are painted metal (probably steel), with a thin plastic coating on the inside. A dinky package of plain m&m

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