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DIY HACK – Design your own robotic hand

Here’s a nice vector art CNC tutorial on robotic hand design by Ben!

For today’s How-To we’re going to go through the process of designing a somewhat complex item that can be cut with a standard 3 axis homebuilt CNC machine: a jointed “robotic hand”. This requires several design methods drawn in multiple views, which will demostrate many of

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DIY HACK – Kits and Casemods: Laser tag MP3 player, Dinosaur USB charger!

[gv data=”PZjMX3zBxBs”][/gv]

Here’s a cool laser tag DIY on the Daisy MP3 Player we are going to hack in the near future… Bre gives us good insights on what kind of modding to think about and also great sources for mod such as the Goodwill and some funky stores..

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Ultrasonic Range Finder with Computer Simulation

[gv data=”bZIKbuZaJSQ”][/gv]

wow… :-]

The ultrasonic sensor and computer software provide a convincing illusion of direct interaction.

“Another installation exercise. Idea copied from another installation for ease. Ultrasonic range finder is used to detect distance of object form it and data is processed in flash, and displayed in form of grass. Same technique can apply to many other skin like running people (from the UFO… )”


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Update: Bike POV Video

[gv data=”28LrJJPIlbI”][/gv]

Here’s the video for the Bike POV earlier.

Nice “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year”, guys! (or girls)

via hackedgadgets forum

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Nicely done RGB Bike POV! POV stands for Persistence of Vision, check out wikipedia definition if you don’t know it yet.

The whole thing is based on a pic16f628A, with some SMD mosfets to power the led’s. Those are very bright RGB led’s with SMD resistors for smaller PCB size and lower weight. That’s important too when keeping in mind that a heavy weight could give a unbalanced wheel.

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DIY ideA! – Kyoto Power Consumption Device

Cool looking power display…

The Wattson displays how much power you’re using in your house so you can actively see how much electricity your going through… I think if I had one of these I’d be more likely to walk around the house and turn off more stuff to always keep the number as low as possible, looks handy…


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Self parking lego mindstorms

[gv data=”ebfxYAUBw-0″][/gv]

Nicely done parking job!

It has got an ultrasonic sensor that detects the length of free spaces. Then, when it detects enough space, it makes the necessary movments to park. And when you say “GO!” it returns to the road

via via

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Zedomax DIY123 – HOW TO make a Christmas LED wreath!


We were thinking that we could make another last minute DIY for that uses a Ryobi FAN from Home Depot, high output LEDs, and an embedded computer. Although we have been spending way too much time making DIYs and not working, we are glad we did make a cool Christmas LED Wreath we are proud of. The video by the way did not capture the real effect because of the frame rate of the camera but th

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DIY HACK – Battery Pack with Voltmeter

Here’s a cool way to make your own battery pack with a little voltmeter!

I have a 10 cell ‘AA’ NiMH battery pack (12V @ 1.6AH) that I use for backpacking. It needed a home! I also wanted a voltmeter built-in so I could keep track of it’s condition and charging (I live in the woods, you have to keep chasing the sun with your solar panel..). Radio Shack didn’t have any cases / boxes that suited me so I got thinking about that Su

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Top 10 Christmas Project Ideas

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While we are trying to make our DIYs that will be a hit hopefully and does not get some negative comments from digg, you can check out Top 10 Christmas Project Ideas from Hackedgadgets and forget about the world.

Well, we never gave a damn about anyone anyways, so damn it all you

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