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How to use a multimeter!


Here’s a cool howto on using a multimeter. This could be very useful if you are a hacker, inventor, gadgeteer, maker, or ninja among other super human beings… It could be helpful to know the next time your wife asks you how many volts is running through the power line that your dog or cat stripped…

Check out the pdf too!

This Make: Video Po

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DIY – Weather Station

This weather station built by couple Oregon college students have been around, but very cool to know if you are trying to build one from scratch.

The Remote Weather Station (RWS) is a computerized weather monitoring system using MINI-MAX/51-C micro-controller board from BiPOM Electronics and various sensors. RWS consists of  two separate modules ( display module and weather module ) that are wirelessly linked together. RWS was developed by an ambitious team of

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Express Programming Service for Inventors, engineers, MAKERS, hackers, tinkerers, etc…

My work place is hiring bunch of new people and offering some express programming service for inventors, engineers, makers, and tinkerers out there who want to make some cool touchscreen applications. I got some hookups from my boss so you can use the Promo Code “ZEDOMAX” for 40% discounts for your future projects, make sure to check it out!  The offer ends end of March so if you got a touchscreen project and need some quick programming, this might be for you.

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Cool Feed reader


Hey here’s a cool feed reader you can make. (Hey, Phillip, send me a make mp3 so i can start hacking it, we are in hibernation ‘cauz we really need a desktop mp3 player…)

Okay, we agree that we request too many free stuff but at least we do make things…hopefully a lot of them when we get out of our weird hibernation mode right now…

In the meanwhile, do check out our new video site dabomb.tv!


P.S. Ye

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DIY HACK – Build a Six-Axis 3D Controller (3D mouse)

Check out this awesome 3D mouse you can build using some creative hacks!

I’ve been exploring 3D graphics using VVVV. One of the things you quickly learn when working in 3D is that doing anything with a 2D mouse is a pain. Particularly I found I was spending a lot of time shuffling the camera position which involves a tricky combination of keystrokes and mouse movements. I wanted to get a camera control that would allow me to fly the camera smoothly in 3D

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DIY – Cool prototyping technique!

Check out this great prototyping technique! Thanks dwrenne!

To build any electronics handicrafts, there are some wiring materials. I think most people are wiring circuit board with PTFE (Teflon) insurated wire. But the PTFE wire is not suitable for wiring material with solder due to following reasons.


Control your car using your Cellphone!


Here’s a cool Smart Car system for your car with GPS tracking so you don’t have to pay some big name service to track where your car is.

Do you need to control your vehicle using your cellphone or track where it is in the world on your computer? Here’s a cool smart car system built using the CUBLOC CB220 as the brain and

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DIY HACK Video – Xbox 360 Tilt Controller



Here’s a cool hack for your XBOX 360 if you want to make it like a Wii controller or a SixAxisController.

The accelerometer works by outputting varying voltages for varying accelerations. I will use a 3-axis accelerometer so it will output 3 varying voltages. I will use an analog-to-digital converter to get the signals into a micro controller. The micro controller will do the processing that determines how the controlle

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DIY HACK – Internet Controlled Security Robot

Here’s a cool internet controlled security robot you make yourselves and protect your home or office!

Wow, here’s a cool internet controlled security robot using CUBLOC CB280, CuBASE 32M, CLCD420B, and a

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CES Video – Hamster Controlled Roomba!


Check out this cute hamster vacuuming your whole carpet using a roomba!

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