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iPhone Hack – DIY Airsoft Target Range Controller!


Yes, you can do this, control airsoft target ranges with an iPhone or iPod Touch.  This has to be one of the coolest iPhone mods ever!

The ioBridge acts as the gateway between the targets and the iPod touch, while the Arduinos control the three independent rotating targets.  The actual physical construction is from Construx snap-together building components, making prototyping simple, into which the th

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DIY Remote Controlled Tortoise(or Turtle?) Robot!


Wow, this is kinda nifty robot.  It’s an RC controlled tortoise(or turtle) that does absolutely nothing but go really slow.

R/C Tortoise is a very simple r/c tortoise “bot” with direct control, using a 4 channel radio system. It uses 4 sub micro servos, and each axis of the transmitter stick controls a servo.

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