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Concept Train Picks up and Drops people off without Stopping!


Here’s a great concept train that picks up and drops people off without stopping.

This would work if there’s not many people getting into the train and jumping out.

In reality, this would never work well because the number of people in the train versus the number of people that can fit into the top car.  Trust me, I used to live in Seoul, there’s be about 500-1000 people getting on and off the train, there’s no way it’s gonna work for a metropolitan area with this concept.

Congrats for try

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DIY – How to Make a Conetenna WiFi Antenna that goes 18Mb at 300 yards!

Well, here’s a wifi antenna you can make that can do 18MB at 300 yards.

Now here’s a way to get some free wifi from your neighborhood, that is if you live in a metropolitan area AND you have a window to high-rise apartments.

This antenna performs better than the dish antenna I had built, so I’m happy with it. And maybe the world is a better place now that I’m not weilding a truly Buck Rodgers death-ray of an antenna!

From 50 yards, I’m almost getting a full strength signal. And at the shooting ran

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