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CSS Hack – How to Show Your Drop-Down Menu over Flash!

For those of you having trouble showing your CSS drop-down menu over flash, you can add this line of code:

<embed wmode=”transparent” …

so your drop-down menu will be shown over the flash.

via daniweb

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Apple updates patent for touchscreen device

Cool, now you can take a look at the touchscreen technology…

Remember that Apple patent that we eyed back in early September? You know, the one that patented the merging of various electronic devices into a single gadget? Well, it’s back and better than ever before — it’s an update to U.S. patent application Serial No. 11/367,749, and is entitled “Multi-Functional Hand-Held Device.” So how’s this patent different from the last time? It’s not, really, but it provides a fair bit more

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