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CX1 Supercomputer for $25K!

Microsoft and Cray launch the CX1 supercomputer for about $25K each.  The CX1 supercomputer can hold upto 16 Intel Xeon CPUs, 4 Terabytes of storage, and 64 gigs of memory.

The supercomputer will run Windows HPC Server 2008, the only downfall of it.

I would rather see free Linux system running on the servers, that would probably bring down the cost of software and price down to around $15K at least.

At this point I don’t really see the usefulness of this Windows supercomputer but I do

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2GB MP3 Watch with FM Transmitter!

Here’s an awesome watch that lets you listen to MP3s AND transmit the MP3 songs or your recordings via FM station. Now, here’s a watch you can use as portable MP3 for your car OR you can even use it as emergency FM transmit device. How cool is that?


    Memory: 2GB Music Format: MP3, WMA, WAV FM Transmitter 5 EQ Modes Waterproof up to 3 Meters with Earphone Jack and MIC hole closed Built in MIC Earphone Jack: 2.5mm USB: 2.0 System: Windows 98

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iRiver USB Drive – Domino!

These new iRiver USB drives really do look like Dominos.  Neat!

Reigncom(www.reigncom.com) released its sliding USB memory ‘iriver domino’ that comes in six different colors.

via aving

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USB Flash Drive Dog protects your Data!

This USB Flash Drive Dog will protect your data by scaring off on-lookers and lurkers…(sarcastic…)

What we have here is a custom (one of a kind) USB flash drive DOG. Internally, he holds 1Gig of memory and plenty of attitude. Hot swappable, plug and play, and no drivers needed. With this bad boy, you will definitely be the leader of the pack. Comes complete with a 6 foot usb extension cable.


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DIY Linux-based 3D Rendering Farm – PC 24 CPU Cores and 48GB of memory!

Wow, check out this DIY Linux 3D rendering farm made with an IKEA Helmer furniture and crams 24 CPUs + 48GB of RAM.

This might give you some great ideas on how to make your own server farm, whether that’s for 3D or the web.

via kdmurray

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DIY 4 by 4 LED Matrix


Here’s a neat little DIY 4 by 4 matrix LED thingee

A few years ago, when I finally got around to learning PIC programming, I decided to I wanted to create something that would run LED animations on a small 4×4 matrix. I liked the idea of the small 4×4 size because I was starting with a PIC 16F628A. This chip can not directly control the 16 lines necessary for an 8×8 matrix (unless you get

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DIY HACK – How to make your own White Board Plotter!


Lol, this has got to be the best DIY project I have seen this year. A white board plotter! I need this as I used my white board a lot but do feel if I had such an automated plotter, I could be doing a lot better at jotting down my ideas more clearly than what is now, simply scrambled jotting.

Well, using the Internet to take a look at the whiteboard isn’t that difficult: just take a webcam and point it at the board. Writing it w

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USB Domino Pen Drives!

Cool, now you can play dominoes with USB pen drives…

Each white dot denotes 1 gig of memory used. Not sure how useful that is but at least you’ll be ready for an impromptu street corner game of dominos.

via YankoDesign

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Server UP and DOWN due to DoS attacks from hackers!

Wow, it’s been almost 5 days without sleeping trying to fight hackers coming to this site. But, we always welcome hackers as we will work that much harder to keep them out. Basically, we are trying to build a super server on a “budget” of $1000/month. We will be adding more memory tomorrow to see if it will stop the hackers.

In the meanwhile, if this ever goes down again, please feel free to call me at 415-871-8295 and I will get it up. (Or SMS Max: “Your server is down!”)

Special Thanks to guys working in technical support team at Cari.Net.

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USB Gadgets, USB Gadgets, USB Gadgets!

Okay, let’s do a quick USB relay from GetUSB.info.

Check out this Dog Tag USB thingee, it might be great if you want to carry some memory around on your neck. – via GetUSB

Lindy 57-in-1 Mirror Card Reader can be useful.

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