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iMac DIY – How to install/Replace the Memory in your iMac!

Apple has just posted a DIY instruction on how to install/replace the memory in your iMac.  It’s relatively easy as the memory modules are situated on the bottom of the iMac.

Below images should suffice most experienced DIYers out there, a piece of cake.

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Waterproof USB Flash Drive 8GB!

For those of you who like to swim or simply like being in water, you might be happy to learn that there’s a waterproof USB flash drive with 8 gigabytes of memory and according to one review:

It is fast, cheap, and has lots of storage. I accidentally sent it through the washing machine and it still works just as good. It can be a little bulky to get into crowded USB areas, but other than that no complaints.

can even withstand a washer!


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iPhone DIY – How to Erase iPhone Memory!

For those of you selling your old iPhone in favor of the new iPhone 3GS, you might want to learn this little trick on how to erase your iPhone memory so your nude pictures don’t get seen by the people who buy your old iPhone.

Go to your settings menu -– the icon with the gears. Look for “General,” a menu with the same gear icon as the Settings menu. At the very bottom of the General menu is a “Reset” button. Touch it. Then choose “Erase All Content and Settings.”

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Secret iPhone 3G S Specs!

The new iPhone 3G S will probably be torn apart and posted all over the internet with its true specs but looks like T-mobile has released some of the specs which Apple has not:

The relevant numbers are 256MB RAM for the OS, double that of the 128MB in the original iPhone, and a 600MHz processor, up from the pedestrian 412MHz of the first two models. The added RAM alone probably makes a huge difference — if you have ever added memory to a Mac you’ll know how much OS X loves it some extra gigs to

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AMD Phenom II Overclocked to 6.89Ghz with Liquid Nitrogen!

LMAO, it looks like people at AMD have invited the best overclockers in the world to test out the AMD Phenom II CPU limits with liquid nitrogen, they did reach a maximum of 6.89Ghz, what a FEAT!

Located in the heart of Texas, the city of Austin is known for many things. Nicknamed Silicon Hills, the state capital accommodates an army of tech companies including the one and only Advanced Micro Devices, better known as AMD. From May 20th to the 22nd, AMD brought in some of the biggest names i

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CuPC – Atom Based Desktop!

Here’s a cool Atom-based desktop from Comfile Technology, where I used to work.  I really like this setup as I could probably get bunch of these to make some server clusters.



Intel Atom Processor 1.6GHz

Main Board

Intel 945GC North-Bridge


1G DDR2 (667MHz)


Intel GMA 950 Graphics

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Computer Hack – How to Make your PC run Faster!

Here’s a really, really, simple hack that will make your PC (or Mac) run faster:

“Minimize” any windows you are not using, run them in the background.


Computer operating systems simply take up a lot more memory and CPU resources when windows are open since the graphics have to be constantly updated.

If you are editing videos, using Photoshop, or anything that requires a lot of memory, you can make them run ever so slightly faster by either closing or minimizing any other applications that you don’t need to run.

Simple but this works r

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How Long Does One Single Google Query Take?

Here’s some interesting news on how long it takes for a single Google query.

Well, the answer is that it takes about 200ms, using the power of 1000 machines.  Now, those 1000 machines could probably handle a whole bunch more queries in the same times frame so don’t get surprised.

Google Fellow Jeff Dean, in a keynote talk at WSDM 2009, shared some numbers about Google’s impressive growth run from 1999 to 2009. According to Dean, while both search queries and processing power have g

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Windows 7 Rave and Reviews!


As a person who grew up with MS-DOS at age of 9 and deleted Command.com on the first day I got the 386SX-25Mhz PC, I still am sorta Windows fan but yes I am also one of the best critics.

Anyways, Microsoft is obviously trying to changing their bad “Vista” image with their new Windows 7, which supposedly is fully backward-compatible with Vista.  (Again, wh

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Amazon Netbook Review Roundup!

Here’s a round of of best netbooks you can get from Amazon today from our Laptop Blog:

Eee PC 1000H is probably the top-of-the-line netbook to get right now as it offers a 10″ screen,160GB hard drive, Windows XP, and Atom 1.6Ghz processor.  I like the fact that Eee PCs have been leading the netbook industry and you won’t be disappointed carrying this 3.1 pound beast in your bag. The battery life is estimated at 7 hours but I think as long as you get about 4-5 hours on this, that’s good enough.

There’s other models of Eee PCs,

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