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Ergonomic Chair with Heater and Memory Foam Padding!


For those of you who work at home, you might be interested in this awesome office chair that features a heater and memory foam padding for ultimate comfort.   The heater works with 2 settings and a battery so you can still move around freely while the ergonomic memory foam padding provides perfect support for you to work continuously.

Of course, if you like to working on your netbook while laying down like, you might be interested getting

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Sound DIY – How to Build a Personal Sound Studio with Foam!


I remember my DJ friend talking to me about making his own personal sound studio with recycled memory foam.  Well, here’s a perfect example of that I found that shows you how to make a personal sound studio with extra HP product packaging foam.

I think this is a great idea actually, save earth, save money, and build yourself a nice mini personal studio.

The DIY Portable Mini Vocal Booth is ideal for podcasters, DIY filmakers and sound designers alike. My personal motivation to buil

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Egg Drop Experiments

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This is kinda cool experiment on eggs and dropping them from the roof. I wonder if they’d try some memory foam…


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POC DIY – Mouse Pad Couch


Here’s a Piece of Cake DIY, Mouse pad Couch you can build for yourself if you have lots of extra mouse pads. The thing is, it look really comfortable with all those mouse pads…maybe you can make one out of a memory foam mouse pad.


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