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Underwater Turbine for Water Power from Oxford University!

Engineers at Oxford University have come up with a new innovative concept for underwater turbines that use 60% less manufacturing and 40% less in maintenance costs.

This type of new underwater generator involves the THAWT device.  I believe these types of underwater turbines and

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CIRALIGHT Presents Active Daylighting System – SunTrackerOne

Here’s a device that will save millions of megawatts at your Wal-marts and Home Depots. Why? The SunTrackerOne is a roof-installed system that rotates based on a GPS tracking system to bring the sun light into the building distributed, thereby letting the retailers to not use any electricity for their lights during the day. (Video after the jump)


LAS VEGAS, USA (AVING Special Report on ‘LFI 2008’) — CIRALIGHT presented its active daylighting system ‘SunTra

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World’s Largest College Solar Farm coming soon at Hefty 16 acres!

How much land is 16 acres? You could probably easily fit about 10 small houses in an acre so 16 acres is about the size of 1,600 160 small houses or 64 749.7028 meter squared for those of you in international countries.

Florida Gulf Coast University, a college opened in 1997 with a focus on the environment, was given $8.5 million by politicians to start a big solar farm of 16 acres on its campus.

The school’s focus is environmental sustainability and it has a special center dedicated to that purpose, but Shepard said using renewable e

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