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Hospital Pharmacy Robot

Soon, the world will no longer need humans for laboring jobs.But that is good news for some and bad for some. At least…

“The robot offers all the benefits that robots normally do. It can work very fast, preparing up to 100 prescribed doses an hour. It does not make mistakes like people regularly do.”

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SAMSUNG is Set to Demonstrate 4th Generation Mobile Technology

“Jeju, Korea August 30, 2006 : Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced its plan to demonstrate 4th Generation (4G) mobile technology at the annual Samsung 4G Forum in Jeju Island, Korea for the first time in the world. Demonstration will take place at the specially designed bus in mobile circumstances reaching 100 Mbps data transmission as well as at the display area inside forum venue to show speeds of 1Gbps of data transmission. via samsung

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Cybernetics: Merging machine and man

Yes, we should be there soon… via [cnn]
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