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Smalled RFID tags are smaller than human hair!

Check out the new RFID tags that are smaller than human hair from Hitachi Japan!

The minute devices measure just 0.05mm by 0.05mm (0.002×0.002in) and to the naked eye look like spots of powder.

They are thin enough to be embedded in a sheet of paper, Hitachi spokesman Masayuki Takeuchi says.

RFID tags store data about the objects they are attached to, and companies are vying to create increasingly tiny versions.

Recently, Hitachi unveiled anoth

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Use VelaSmooth to get rid of Cellulite! (Only $44,000!)

Check out VelaSmooth, the ONLY FDA approved product currently out on the market that gets rid of cellulite. No this is not a commercial but if you’ve tried this machine, you can leave some comments about it.  You can get one for around $44,000 on ebay.  If it’s that expensive, it must work.

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Monkey controls Robot Arm!


This is an extreme technological breakthrough for robotic arms. You can see that the monkey feeds himself some bananas, which is all too awesome to watch. Perhaps this can eventually be applied to humans for people who have lost their arms or legs.

via randomgoodstuff

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DIY Blood Typing Test Kit


In Korean culture, it’s believed that people with Blood type O are very friendly and mix with people well, Blood type B are the worst, and Blood type A are in-between the two.

Well I am Blood type B, who believes in that anymore anyways? (well, actually i am pretty bad…)

Here’s a DIY on Blood testing

That’s why we found this awesomely simple DIY Blood Type Test Kit. Just a little prick (no jokes, please), a few drops of blood, a little water, and the sp

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How to build your own heart monitoring device, a simple ECG?


Here’s a cool DIY on howto build your own heart rate monitoring device using an Atmel Atmega8 microcontroller.  You can probably easily make this idea work with any other microcontroller out on the market with an ADC.

After a little introduction into ECG we will move on to the electronic description. The simplest way to explain how it works is to make a block diagram! The signal from the body is being amplified(the signals from the body are small and weak, ra

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Medical Video – Lasik Surgery Up CLOSE!


Here’s a video of real lasik surgery if you want to know what happens during surgery if you are thinking about getting one like me someday… (Personally, I still do not trust doctors all that much, especially with such new technology, there’s no guarantee of side effects yet…)

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Segway Wheelchair!


This is the most awesome wheelchair ever!

Josep Mora, designer from Barcelona, adapted this Segway for people with reduced mobility. He added a hand break to keep the vehicle standing on its own when stopped, a folding handle bar and a folding ramp to put the vehicle in the trunck. Watch the video.

via freshcreation

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Check out this cool DNA extraction using everyday materials! Although I am no where near a genetic scientist, this might be something I can try… (So I can find out which dog left their pee mark on my walls…)

DNA extraction and separation by agarose gel electrophoresis is a simple and exciting process that anyone can perform. However, the high cost of specialized equipment and chemicals often hinder such an experiment from being carried by members of the high school community. Here, we describe a cost eff

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Digital Stethoscope


Tight, now doctors can give patients a recording of their heartbeating sounds saved to an ipod!

Capturing heart and lung sounds is the most critical aspect of stethoscope design. Acquire the sound accurately, and anything is possible. The patented Electromagnetic Diaphragm (EmD) is unique to a Thinklabs stethoscope, and is the key to audio quality.

Having captured an accurate signal, electronic signal transmission right to the eartips ensure

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CES Video – Automatic Toilet Seat


Well, this one I’ve actually used one myself when I was living over in Asia couple years ago, but it seems it take years for the great toilet seat technology to come to America, just like cellphones… 😛

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